Monday, August 23, 2010

A Copic Convert

OK here's the story. Anyone who knows me and about my scrappy/crafty life knows that I have said over and over again that I would not buy Copic markers. "They are too expensive." "I just can't see spending all of that money on markers alone." "I just don't have money to spend on those things." Lol Those are all statements that have come from my mouth many times over.

Well, things change. That is why I never say never! :-) In the last couple of weeks I have bought and been gifted some Copic markers! And I absolutely love them! I like them, I love them and I want some more of them!

The way I got my first few is as follows. On June 17th I pre ordered the Pink ATG gun from an online store. But there were problems. Scotch has issues and didn't get the guns out to the small venders but they stocked them at Michaels. So in mid July I found my gun at Michaels and I used a 50% off coupon on it. Yippe! I had my gun while many were still waiting. I promptly cancelled my order with the online store. That left me store credit. I waited for a couple of weeks and I never saw anything in the store that I really wanted or needed. But they did have Copic markers. So I decided to try them out. I ordered seven markers in skin and hair colors. I figured I'd see what the fuss was about. So that is how I got my first markers.

Now about a week ago My Mom told me that she wanted to buy me something special. What do I want? Well, I wanted Copics! So she bought me quite a few at Whooo Hooo! I also picked up just a few at a local scrapbooking store that was having a sale for 25% off and another store where I was able to use two coupons for 40% off.

So I am slowly building up my little collection of Copics. Now they are still not cheap and I really don't think I'll be buying them often. I have a good amount to practice with for now. Plus I've still been using my Prismacolor markers, sharpies and Bics along with my copics and I'll continue to do so. I have been having so much fun!

I am in total love with The Greeting Farm stamps! I've had a few for awhile in rubber as well as digital-mostly digital. But I have ordered a few more. My favorites are Dee Dee and the Miss Anyas. Those particular stamps remind me of my girls. :-)

My coloring is very new and at a beginners level. But I'll keep practicing and I fully expect to get much better at it. At least it is a fun and relaxing thing to do! I'm going to share my very first images here on my blog. Remember not to expect perfection.:-) So here they are!


  1. OMG! Tracy! You are doing a great job girlfriend. Looking good over there! I'm a beginner as well. LOL. Maybe you can teach me what you know so far. I love all the images you have colored. I only have 1 Anya and Dee Dee at the moment, but i am loving those digital images too. I know, i said i wasn't going to buy any copics as weel, but i too have started collecting a few. Great job girl!

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